Breaking Down Manchester City's Hospitality Spaces

Evan Chronis
Posted by Evan Chronis
2:00 PM on August 14, 2019

Take in Manchester City matches in a new way this season. Wonderment Experiences is enhancing matchday at the Etihad Stadium for the 2019-20 season with access to deluxe hospitality spaces for each home Premier League game. 

While the 90 minutes on the pitch are the focal point of your trip to the Etihad Stadium, hospitality takes the experience to the next level. 


Here are the three hospitality spaces available through an Official Ticket Package from Wonderment Experiences.

The Tunnel Club

The Tunnel Club brings you as close to matchday as possible. Stand along the ropes as Manchester City staff and players enter the stadium for the first time to start preparations for the match. Greet each individual team personality as they make their way to the changing room to get ready.

Inside of The Tunnel Club, guests are treated to a hand-crafted culinary experience before the match kicks off. Enjoy selections of drinks and canapes and a premium, curated dining experience in the lead up to the match. 

The Tunnel Club is a spacious venue, perfect to accommodate multiple guests within one group or for a full networking experience. The surroundings and ambiance provide a prestige element and feeling that can leave you wondering if you're still inside of the football stadium grounds. 

Minutes before the match begins, guests in The Tunnel Club can see the Manchester City players lining up in the tunnel through the glass as they make their final mental and physical preparations before stepping onto the pitch for the first time.The Tunnel Club

Hospitality Inclusions

  • Contemporary Cuisine
  • Inclusive drinks
  • Panoramic views from Padded Half-Way Line Seats
  • Live Interviews from Special Guests from the world of football, music and film

This hospitality space is available for all Anthem Packages from Wonderment Experiences. 



The Tunnel Club Premier

The Tunnel Club Premier enhances the Tunnel Club proper experience with elevated inclusions and the best culinary offering at the Etihad Stadium.

This hospitality still gives guests access to the Tunnel Club, allowing them to occupy the luxury space and witness the players head to the pitch, but includes an increased focus on dining accommodations that aren't present anywhere else on matchday. 

Guests are treated to five-course find dining meal pre-match, curated by the finest chefs in the Manchester area. A sommelier is also present for Tunnel Club Premier guests to sample fine wine and food pairings based on different cultural influences. 

After the match concludes, Premier guests are given the exclusive opportunity to go behind the scenes and watch post-match interviews with Manchester City players and team manager Pep Guardiola live.

The Tunnel Club Premier

Hospitality Inclusions

  • Luxury Five-Course Fine Dining
  • Sommelier-Hosted Space for Sampling Fine Wines and Gourmet Food Pairings
  • Premium drinks
  • Heated seats behind the dugout
  • Watch post-match interviews live

This hospitality space is available for all Champion Packages from Wonderment Experiences. 


Platinum Box 

Platinum Box hospitality is a private space intended to host up to 20 of your personal guests. 

Typically used for hosting corporate clients or for company outings, the Platinum Box is the most customisable hospitality space offered at the Etihad Stadium. Situated in a private box along the Colin Bell Stand, this space allows the host to decide on the dining accommodations to ensure the ultimate matchday experience for their clientele or coworkers.  

This hospitality also has the benefit of being the only private space offered by Wonderment Experiences. Both variations of The Tunnel Club will put guests in a public hospitality space, but the Platinum Box is restricted to the host and their guests. This exclusivity is what allows for the large amounts of customisation and control over the in-hospitality experience. 

Lastly, the Platinum Box is highlighted by a personal visit from one of Manchester City's first team players. The player will enter hospitality to interact with guests, take photos and sign autographs. Platinum Meet & Greet

Hospitality Inclusions

  • Private 20 Person Box
  • Located on Level 2 Colin Bell Stand
  • Choose Your Dining Experience
  • Beer, Wine and Soft Drinks
  • Visit in Box from a First Team Player

This hospitality space is available for all Platinum Packages from Wonderment Experiences. 


Choose Your Match and Hospitality for the 2019-20 Season

Join Manchester City during the 2019-20 Premier League campaign with an Official Ticket Package from Wonderment Experiences. Packages from Wonderment include hospitality, exclusive behind the scenes access at the Etihad Stadium.

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